Age 63 End: Friday 23rd Jan at Noon GMT
Age 64 Freeze Start: Friday 23rd Jan at 6PM GMT
Age 64 Protection Start: Monday 26th Jan at 6PM GMT
Age 64 Protection End: Tuesday 27th Jan at 6PM GMT 

-25% Attack Time
+ 30% Sabotage Operation Damage
Can train Elites with Specialist Credits
+50% Birth Rate (from +20%)

Cannot Use Stables

Spellbook: Fanaticism, Greater Protection, Clear Sight
Elite: 6/1, 700gc, 4.75NW


+30% Building Efficiency (up from 25%)
Free Building Construction and Can Use Credits To Raze Buildings
+ 30% Combat Instant Spell Damage

Can’t use Accelerated Construction
+ 50% food consumption (down from +100%)

Spellbook: Fools Gold, Quick Feet, Mystic Aura
Elite: 6/3 (up from 6/2), 800gc, 5.25NW

+30% wpa
-50% defensive losses (up from 33%)
+1 defensive specialist strength

Spellbook: Nightmares, Pitfalls, Mages Fury,
Elite: 5/4, 750gc,(down from 850) 5.75NW

+40% Spell damage (instant spells)
+40% Sabotage damage
+1 mana per tick in war

Spellbook: All racial spells
Elite: 3/5, (down from 4/5) 1050gc (down from 1150), 5.25NW (down from 5.5)

+40% TPA
+ 1 Stealth
+ 100% land effect from Thieves Dens

-10% Gains

Spellbook: Invisibility, Town Watch, Aggression, Animate Dead
Soldiers 2:2 Elite: 4/5 (up from 3/5), 600gc, 5.5NW (up from 5.25)

+5% Population
+ 20% Spell Duration
+ 10% Offensive Military Efficiency In War

+ 30% Cost of Science (down from 50%)

Spellbook: Tree of Gold, Fountain of Knowledge
Elite: 6/3, 1200gc (down from 1250) 6.5NW

+30% Attack Gains (up from 25%)
Free draft
+25% Enemy casualties when attacking

-10% science effectiveness

Spellbook: Reflect Magic
Elite: 7/1, 800gc, 5.75NW

-75% Offensive losses on attacks you make
Converts some Specialists into Elites on successful land attacks
Spreads and is Immune to The Plague
No Food Required
+1 offensive specialist strength

Basic Thievery (Intel operations only)
Cannot Train Elites

Spellbook: Town Watch
Elite: 7/2, 6.5NW

The Merchant
Gain 75% more Specialist and Building Credits
Access to Tree of Gold
Starts with +1600 specialist credits

The Sage
Every 4 acres generates 1 book
+40% Science Effectiveness (up from 30%)
Access to Amnesia
Starts with 40000 science books

The Rogue
-50% thief cost
+1 Stealth recovery per tick
Access to all thievery operations, including 3 unique to rogues: Greater Arson, Assassinate Wizards and Propaganda
+75% Thievery Science Effectiveness
Access to Vermin
Starts with +400 thieves

The Mystic
All Guilds are twice as effective
+1 mana per tick in War
+50% Magic Science Effectivness 
Access to Meteor Showers, Chastity, Nightmares
Starts with +200 Wizards

The Warrior

+1 General
+10% OME
Enhanced Conquest range
Access to Bloodlust
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The Tactician
-15% Attack Time (down from 20%)
Accurate Espionage
Access to Clear Sight
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The Cleric

-40% Your Military Casualties (on attack or defense) (down from 50%)
Immune to The Plague (new)
Access to Pitfalls
Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

The War Hero
+100% Honor Effects
-75% Military Training Time (up from 50%)
(lost Plague Immunity)
Immune to Dragon effects
Immune to Drought and Storms
Immune to Income Penalties

Access to War Spoils
Starts with 400 elites

Mechanic Changes

Kingdom page:
Sat provs will be highlighted to the monarch.
Kingdom honor and rank will also be displayed to kingdom members.

Mystic Vortex: Rune cost and difficulty reduced.
Builders Boon: Time reduction buffed from 90% to 75%
Greater Protection: Now stacks with Minor Protection

Thief Ops
Snatch News: Easier and takes less stealth 
Spy On military: takes less stealth

Monarch throne room message:

Now with line breaks.

War wins
Acre reward capped at 20k
Selecting land as a bonus will also result in a smaller honor bonus and vice versa.

Extreme, Rushed, Intensive and Accelerated cost reduced.

Bug Fixes:
Fort to fort credits and honor gains tweaked
Greater Arson will now remember the building type on subsequent ops.
Admin backend fixes.